Let us break this down a little bit more for you...​

If you recall, Facebook revamped its News Feed algorithm, pushing posts from friends and family higher in people’s feeds at the expense of posts from brands and publishers.​
And according to data from AdStage, an ad tech company that is one of Facebook’s official marketing partners, Facebook CPMs—the cost of a thousand ad impressions—was up 122 percent year over year​
In February a few years ago, CPMs were up 77 percent. It marked the two highest year-over-year jumps in ad prices for Facebook over of the past 2 years.​


After analyzing over 8.8 billion Facebook ad impressions, AdStage found that during the first six months of the year, ​
The average CPM increased from $4.12 to$11.17, and the average CPC increased from $0.42 to $0.99.​​
So what does all of this mean? It means..​
■  The average CPM on Facebook ads is $11.17​
■  The average CPC on Facebook ads is $0.99​
■  The average CTR for Facebook ads is 1.10%​
Case in point: Facebook’s ad impressions are flat while ad spend is moving up. This tells us that advertisers are paying more while getting the same number of impressions.​
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